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Everyone Should Grow This

O and one of our most beloved plants, Sanchez:

Sonchus acaulis “Cerraja”

I really can’t get my head around why these plants aren’t common. It is super tough, the foliage is beautiful and for about a month in the Spring it looks like an enormous dandelion. Hilarious! This particular plant lived in a pot with no soil for months before I relocated it to its current home. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even water it. In its native land of the Canary Islands it is an epiphyte on the trunks of trees, so apparently it can take this variety of torture. Unfortunately Annie’s Annuals no longer grows this gem. May have been lack of demand. Sigh. Where are the silly plant people?? The rains brought down the flowers this year, but he’s still a stunner. Our Sanchez.