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Super Fancy Latte Art

For many years I was content with whatever coffee happened to come my way. More than content, really. I love coffee. Puts my mood on the elevator going UP! So perhaps the recent descent B and I have made into coffee snobbery is not all that surprising. It started innocently, really, with a gift of a stainless steel coffee mug from my parents to B. He was delighted by this mug and, not one to waste nice gear, he began drinking coffee with me in the mornings just to use it. With a partner for my caffeinated endeavors things rapidly evolved. First it was the stovetop espresso maker. Then it was the milk frother. The next step was the biggest- after much research we¬†invested in the 20 lb, stainless steel Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Oh my. After a steep initial learning curve and much internet mediated support, this thing makes some real nice espresso. Soon the Trader Joe’s coffee was out and Blue Bottle was in. We started referring to sub-par milk froth as “dishwater.” The grinders at the store were far too inexact. We had to have our own Rancillio Doserless Rocky grinder to better control the variables. We watched longingly as baristas on YouTube made perfectly textured milk foam and poured exquisite latte art. Hearts! Trees! Dragons!

I practiced this hobby vigorously enough to start getting intense caffeine withdrawal headaches. So I cut back. And back. Until I found that drinking any coffee at all seemed to give me a headache. Such tragedy! I am still in mourning and rehashing this breaks my heart all over again, but I write this post as an excuse to publish something of which I am very proud. The pinnacle of the all too brief latte art attempting stage in my life, a tribute and a farewell to coffee:

The soon to be coveted and rarely seen Bichon Frise Latte!