First Beehive Inpection: Nailed It.

Ok, really I have very little way of knowing how the inspection went in terms of actual beekeeping accomplishment. I can tell you that I loved it, I wasn’t scared and I can’t stop thinking about the whole experience. It’s a delightful thing to replay in my mind when I’m trying to fall back asleep after feeding Baby R in the middle of the night. I did indeed see proof that both of my queens are working hard making baby bees (brood in all stages of development) and there was no gross evidence of disease or massive problems of the magnitude that a brand new beekeeper like me might recognize.


So, until the bees learn to type and correct me, I think that’s nailing it.

In both hives the girls had drawn comb on all the frames and had brood in most frames, so I went ahead and put another medium body on each. Using starter strips worked out well- no wonky comb building as of yet.

My resident photographer was out earning a living, so no photos from within the hive exist yet. However, I did stakeout the lavender bush.


The folks at Beekind say that generally one should only inspect the hives every two weeks. Even this frequency of inspection for inspection’s sake can be hard on the bees, but apparently it’s a pretty good balance between the new beekeeper’s need to learn and the bees’ tolerance for invasions of the hive. This is a perfect fit for a new mom who has far more time to daydream and plan than to actually do anything productive. So far, so good!


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