The Ultimate DIY Project: We Made A New Person!

In the last weeks we’ve bustled around trying to get ready for the busy, sleep deprived time to come.

We also found ways to amuse ourselves.





And then he came! Baby R!


With the tremendous support of my family and my friend/midwife Laura there to expertly guide the labor process and catch him at the end, baby R arrived on the evening of the 24th.


Apparently he had been waiting to share his birthday with his Papa, my dad.


O has been taking to his big brother role very well. His only complaint thus far has been about seeing the end of baby R’s umbilical cord, which he declared “disgrusting” and described as looking like “dried out onion and beans.”


Bonny isn’t sure what to make of the squeaky new human, but she sure likes having everyone home all the time.


I’m still pretty exhausted but we’re all settling in well, hearts a little fuller still.



2 thoughts on “The Ultimate DIY Project: We Made A New Person!

  1. Kimberly Chisholm

    The photos in this post are so good I feel you could have told the whole amazing story without one single word. But I’m glad for the writing. “[D]
    ried out beans and onions” is “disgrusting” indeed!


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