Full Hearts In Donnelly

The trip out to Idaho was a long at 14.5 hours, but very manageable. By some miracle O did not ask when we were going to get there until hour 13.

We spent the night on BLM land at the tip-top of Nevada. We were close to the area where Sebastian grew up wild.

Fourth of July was rather subdued, but after dark we did see some fireworks from our front windows.

Here’s Doctor, working some sewing magic to accomplish the impossible: make 2 down comforters out of one.

Before declaring war on all the thistles on the property, B pulled up yard after yard of barbed wire.

It was wildflower season!

We had fantastic visitors. Here is Quentin sharing a story with O.

The barn is 95% done. One shed for the horses, one shed for people, and storage in the middle.

Sebastian had to stay in the corral to keep him off the lush grass, but Annie was allowed to sample the good life on pasture. Here she is, startled by her own good looks reflected in the front window.

O enjoyed the abundant single track on the ski mountain. Here he is after about a thousand feet of vertical with his dad.

Sunset after one of the rare rain storms during the trip.

I got to enjoy the single track too.

B snuck off during bedtime. Any solo mountain biking has to be a covert operation so as not to provoke tears and wailing from O- the guy does not like to miss a chance to bike.

View of the Cascade Lake from the property.

Bonnie spent the entire trip hunting. Thanks to our neighborhood cows, she engaged in some scent disguising activities that were deeply frowned upon by the human members of the family.

The tiny compound.

Annie’s life of leisure.


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