Baby Succulent Delights

Our roof deck has not gotten much use in the past few years since O was born, as evidenced by this lounge being eaten by the Japanese Maple. We had assumed it’s only job recently has been to provide the cat with yet another place to sleep.




Apparently the lounge made just the right conditions to hatch a tiny crop of succulent volunteers! Must have been seeds from the containers on the lower part of the deck. We have volunteers of all kinds in the garden, but these are the first succulents I have noticed.


I love when plants reward my lack of attention to proper housekeeping with treasures like these.


2 thoughts on “Baby Succulent Delights

  1. susan Lehmann

    The succulents are beautiful! It must be just the right situation for them to grow on their own!! Perfect!
    Hope you are good!
    Love, Susie


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