Just minutes after publishing that last post our goldendoodle Bonny started boofing to announce the arrival of the postman inside our front gate. He was carrying this:

It was very loud! Chock full of hungry, thirsty babes peeping vigorously for their first meal.

I gave each chick the obligatory beak dunk, so they knew where the water was, and they were off!

The best thing about little chickens is how very much they act like big chickens- they scratch, they do the wing/leg combo stretch, they peck leftovers off one another’s beaks, and they pick up tiny sticks and run like hell until it is plain to every other chicken anywhere in the vicinity that a prize has been found.

One thing particular to the tiny guys is their cat naps. Frequently as they walk into the range of the brooder light and warm up they do clumsy, slow-motion face plants and pass out instantly in the bedding. They nap until they are stepped on enough times by the others, and then get back to the important work of growing up. One little one tumbled and capsized right under the light. After an unsuccessful attempt at righting himself he got so cozy he fell asleep with wings splayed out, toes in the air. I think it has been a long 3 days for this brood.

I could watch these babies constantly. It’s going to be hard to do much else!


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